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Marine Layer Clothing Man and Woman

Marine Layer, WE WILL MISS YOU

When a die-hard ‘MADE IN AMERICA’ brand pivots and begins production overseas: pour one out for California-cool label, Marine Layer. Throughout my time scouring labels, I occasionally come across a beloved ‘made in USA’ brand with a new ‘made…

Man kneeling in rugged 1620 workwear pants

1620 Workwear

1620 WORKWEAR – EST. NOVEMBER, 2016 “Hubba Hubba” I don’t know about you, but there are definitely times when I pass a gaggle of workmen and I feel like the one who should be wolf-whistling. Sure, a man in…

Picture of 1620 Workwear founders Ted De Innocentis (l), Josh Walker (r)

American-made: Our interview with 1620 Workwear

INSPIRED BY CHINA, AMERICAN-MADE Hemingway would have loved the founders of 1620, the burgeoning workwear company located in the historic New England town of Haverhill, Massachusetts. Josh Walker [(r) above], self-described on his Instagram as a man who can…