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Here at MadeStateside, we aim to be the premier source of information about brands made and manufactured in the country of design or hand made in small sustainable factories. We have launched with products designed and made right here in the USA!

In 2015, Nyah Williams conceived of the idea for MadeStateside. After a shopping trip, she became dismayed after one of her go-to stylish American labels stopped manufacturing their clothing in the USA. They opted instead to make their products in location that employ exploitative work practices. All of this while simultaneously opting not to pass on the obvious savings of such a decision to consumers.

In her closet, Nyah had found items like a Bebe blouse made in the USA, an Italian-made Banana Republic dress and an American-made Theory jacket. She began to wonder, what was happening with clothing designed made in America? This prompted her to begin taking notice of labels while shopping, seeking out designers who took on the daunting task of manufacturing their items right here in the USA. She soon created quite a list of designers doing just that. This list forms the backbone of MadeStateside – you will be seeing posts that come from this exhaustive research.

Due to this ‘label-watching’, scouring labels soon became an obsession with Nyah. She questioned whether others might find interest in swapping out their clothing made in places like China, Vietnam and other countries with exploitative work practices. Clothing turned to accessories, accessories turned to housewares, housewares turned to… well, you get the picture.

Hence, here at MadeStateside we seek to showcase – by overview, interview and/or review – designers found through this habit. We hope you enjoy visiting the blog! We arm you with the information you need to make decisions for your shopping choices. So, take a look around, tell all your friends, and go forth and shop with knowledge…

Happy browsing!

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