Bash + Sass Children’s Clothing

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Bash + Sass Children’s Clothing Brand

(excerpted from Bash + Sass Children’s Clothing Brand website)

Their Story.

Bash + Sass Children’s Clothing Brand is a gender neutral brand created for the “little minimalist” ages 6 mos – 12 yrs old, created by Founder/Creative Director, Irene Lee. Inspired by her own two kids, urban street style and culture, Bash + Sass brings you high-quality made styles that are “made for play.”

However, what sets it apart from other brands (aside from being a gender neutral line) is their monster characters:

Monsters with a Meaning.

Each collection introduces a monster that embodies a specific social value or characteristic. The brand believes this is important for big and little kids to acknowledge and share. With today’s social and political climate, they think it’s important to start teaching kids at a young age about self-confidence. Helping others and being proud of who they are no matter their skin color, gender or family makeup is important to them. The monsters and what they represent are directly influenced by Irene’s own kids, Bash and Isa.

For instance, Bash + Sass has already introduced four monsters:
     Babu who represents Optimism,
     Breeze who represents Patience,
     Boom who represents Confidence, and
     X + O who represent Spontaneity.

The Influence of Motherhood.

Irene always knew she wanted to create a line of her own. Therefore, when the e-commerce veteran and former Googler became a mom, her ideas for Bash + Sass fell into place.

“Becoming a mama really pushed me to make the jump. I left the corporate world to carve a new career path allowing me the flexibility to spend time with my growing family,” says Irene. “I wanted to do something creative on my own that I felt passionate about. Bash + Sass fulfills this more than I thought possible, as my brand is an extension of myself, my style, and directly influenced by my kids. It’s beyond rewarding to work really hard at something so personal and know that it’s teaching and setting an example for my kids to go after their own dreams.”

A mother of two, Irene has combined her passion for design, fashion, and her kids full circle and embarked on life’s next adventure. As a result, the brand’s simple and creative approach to design fosters imagination and individuality while also prioritizing sustainable and local manufacturing.  Coincidentally, the brand proudly produces garments and sources fabrics in CA to support other local small businesses. Most importantly, we LOVE that here at MadeStateside. American-made children’s clothing… BOOM!

So, now that you’ve met Bash + Sass, go buy some clothes for the kiddies. Here’s one of my faves, an über-cute denim romper. Heck, they’ll even give you 10% your first purchase! Moreover, you’ll surely want to thank me!

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, check out our interview with Irene – she’s quite a busy woman, but we got a few burning questions answered.

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Image courtesy of Bash + Sass

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