American-made: Our interview with Chasing Paper

Picture of Chasing Paper founders Elizabeth and Mike Rees


There will be times, here at MadeStateside, when we will veer off our steady path of clothing/accessories and change course. We will usually do this for a uniquely American brand that consistently produces wonderful product that we can really feel good about and that brings us joy. So, we once again enlisted Diedre Johnson to get our burning questions answered… Here is what we found out from one of the founders of Chasing Paper, Elizabeth Rees. Her inspiring story is below.

How did Chasing Paper get started?

I drew from my own experience. I have moved a lot in the past 10 years and each time I would get the keys to a new place I would always be excited to decorate and make the space my own. Wallpaper is an extraordinary way to transform an environment, but who wants that commitment? Not me, that’s for sure. From the basic to bespoke print, it was important to for me to create a product that was accessible and easy. I believe that design should be for everyone.

What makes the company and the brand unique and why?

Our wallpaper is thoughtfully-designed and accessible in price point. We think about this everyday in terms of design. We want everything we create to feel special and unlike anything you would find anywhere else. We like our wallpapers to have a feeling of time and place.

Explain some of the details involved in developing the Chasing Paper line, raising capital and finding a manufacturer?

As the third generation in my family’s printing company,ink has always been in my blood. That said, I felt it was very important for me to carve out my own space and create something that I am not only passionate about, but could also call my own. I have some great entrepreneurial role models in my life, and have always felt drawn to the idea of taking an idea and working to make it real. There is nothing better than waking up determined to make something a success.

Did you do anything special for your launch? 

I hand-wrote 150 notes to editors and sent along with a framed wallpaper sample!

What does Chasing Paper offer customers that will keep them coming back?

Thoughtful,special + nostaligic removable wallpaper + wall decor. Everything is made in Milwaukee, WI with the highest quality materials.

What is a typical workday like? 

Everyday is so different! But mostly start the day with emails and a social media check-in, the day is full of meetings and calls to keep production and projects moving forward. Usually try to get home around 6pm to walk the dog and make dinner and usually spend 1-2 hours in the evening cleaning up my inbox and prepping for the next day!

What makes Chasing Paper valuable in today’s world? 

I believe we really mix the old and the new.Using digital printing technology to create a high-quality product that evoked a sense of nostalgia — a sense of time and place. So much care and thought is poured into each print, each detail, each customer. It is my goal to carve out a new space in the footsteps of my dad and grandfather.

What’s the most important thing a budding entrepreneur needs to know? 

Trust your gut. Lots of people have ideas, not as many put pen to paper (or ink to paper in my case), so believing in what you set out to do is extremely important. I have carried that with me because decisions only get bigger. That is not to say that I don’t make mistakes or listen to other smart people around me. It just means that Chasing Paper started with me and ultimately I know the best way forward.

What comes to mind when you see designs, accessories, brands, and product made here in the US?

I have such an appreciation and high level of respect for it. I know that it is not the cheapest or easiest way to run a business but when it is a value to a brand, I believe it sets them apart. We are committed to growth here in the Midwest!

What are your plans moving forward?

To keep producing great products, working with larger brand partners, opening a creative studio in Milwaukee. We want to hire and build the team to broaden our reach.

Now that you’ve met Chasing Paper, go buy some wallpaper to cover up that manky wall in your room. How about this hot number from their cool collab with Penguin Random House. Heck, they’ll even give you 10% your first purchase! As a result, you’ll surely want to thank me!

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Lastly, thanks to Elizabeth for taking the time to participate in this interview!

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Image courtesy of Chasing Paper

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