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American-made: Our interview with Bash + Sass

GENDER NEUTRAL STYLE SUPREME Bash + Sass’ Irene Lee took some time to answer some burning questions. We enlisted Diedre Johnson to get all the deets on bringing her clothing line to fruition. Her inspiring story is below. How…

Picture of Chasing Paper founders Elizabeth and Mike Rees

American-made: Our interview with Chasing Paper

BEAUTIFUL THOUGHTFULLY-DESIGNED WALLPAPER There will be times, here at MadeStateside, when we will veer off our steady path of clothing/accessories and change course. We will usually do this for a uniquely American brand that consistently produces wonderful product that…

Marine Layer Clothing Man and Woman

Marine Layer, WE WILL MISS YOU

When a die-hard ‘MADE IN AMERICA’ brand pivots and begins production overseas: pour one out for California-cool label, Marine Layer. Throughout my time scouring labels, I occasionally come across a beloved ‘made in USA’ brand with a new ‘made…

two young girls in bash and sass clothing

Bash + Sass Children’s Clothing

Bash + Sass Children’s Clothing Brand (excerpted from Bash + Sass Children’s Clothing Brand website) Their Story. Bash + Sass Children’s Clothing Brand is a gender neutral brand created for the “little minimalist” ages 6 mos – 12 yrs…

Man kneeling in rugged 1620 workwear pants

1620 Workwear

1620 WORKWEAR – EST. NOVEMBER, 2016 “Hubba Hubba” I don’t know about you, but there are definitely times when I pass a gaggle of workmen and I feel like the one who should be wolf-whistling. Sure, a man in…

Picture of 1620 Workwear founders Ted De Innocentis (l), Josh Walker (r)

American-made: Our interview with 1620 Workwear

INSPIRED BY CHINA, AMERICAN-MADE Hemingway would have loved the founders of 1620, the burgeoning workwear company located in the historic New England town of Haverhill, Massachusetts. Josh Walker [(r) above], self-described on his Instagram as a man who can…